The Society of Japanese Women Scientists

1. History and Aim of the Society

The Society of Japanese Women Scientists, established in April 1958, was formed to encourage mutual support and friendship among Japanese women scientists, a community which was small and lacked unity at that time.

In addition, the Society aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge in various fields of academic research.

From the beginning, the Society has sought to contribute to world peace.

A factor which prompted the foundation of the Society was the encouragement, received from the Committee of Seven to Appeal for World Peace, which consisted of seven famous Japanese scientists including Professor H. Yukawa, a Nobel Laureate in 1949, to send delegates of Japanese women scientists to the 4th World Women's Conference held in Vienna in 1958. Among the members of the Committee, Mrs.R.Hiratsuka, the President of the Federation of Japanese Women's Organizations and the Vice President of the Women's International Democratic Federation, earnestly believed that Japanese women scientists have a special duty to contribute to world peace, particularly the abolition of nuclear weapons.

In 1964, the International Conference of Women Scientists and Engineers(ICWES) was organized in New York City, and since its first conference representatives of the Society have participated.

2. Activities of the Society

The Society holds regular meetings, public lectures, and symposia every year. The Society regularly publishes a Japanese newsletter twice a year. To become a member, a candidate should be a regular member of any scientific society, or be recommended by two members of the Society.


Associ. Women In Science and Engineering(AWiSE)
Ministry of Education,Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Prime Minister's Office,affirmative action
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Japanese Women Engineers Forum

The Central Office of the Society of Japanese Women Scientists
President;Prof.Dr.Masako Sasaki, Research Institute of Science and Technology, Tokai Universiry
Kitakanemoku 1117, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 259-1292, Japan
FAX. +81-463-50-2012